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Fryers in cooking suites

We never used to recommend built in fryers in cooking suites. The reason for this view was that we try to make all items in the stove multi-functional. While planchas can double up for boiling stock, induction hobs can be used to heat a pasta cooker or gastronorm containers to use as a bain marie, a fryer is only good for frying. After building fryers into a stove for Jesse Dunford-Wood's The Parlour Kensal we were sold on the benefits of building in fryers. With a built in fryer you no longer have the problem of oil running down the side of your fryer, any spillages are simply wiped up. You also have the convenience of an adjacent flat surface to unload the fried products. The fryer basket is never over anything but an easy to wipe flat surface.

  • Easy to keep surface clean 

  • Available in single or double. 

  • Looks more professional in an open kitchen. 

  • Comes with a cover to assist in a clean workspace. 

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