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The Slider® is much like a traditional gas solid top. It has one large permanently activated induction zone ready to heat pans at different powers in different areas. This means that the savings are massive compared to multiple gas or electric rings at different settings. As its name suggests, you just slide the pan over the glass to turn up the heat.

  • Multiple heat zones

  • Efficient Heating

  • Accurate temperature regulation

  • High Versatility

  • Low heat generation

  • Can be used with multiple pans

  • Automatically switching to standby when the pan is removed

  • The Hob remains cool at all times - no risk of burns or burning utensils

  • Simple to use

  • Made in Australia

The Slider® is the ultimate induction hob. Giving maximum pan space and using the heaviest duty electronics it gives Chefs the best in functionality. It is the perfect electric cooking product for a busy commercial kitchen. This coupled with low maintenance costs, efficiency and the intuitive method of power control, make it the ultimate product for any chef considering induction.


Sustainability of The Slider®


Gas and conventional electric heating, if used efficiently will normally consume double the energy of the Slider®. If used inefficiently, gas and conventional electric hobs will use 3-4 times this energy.

The Slider® is approximately 90% efficient in converting electrical power into usable heat in the pan. It is manufactured in the UK from European components and materials which means low equipment miles.

Being electrically powered, energy for the Slider® can be procured from carbon neutral suppliers and induction produces no poisonous exhaust gases or wasted background heat.

Control Induction will always accept returns of its used equipment for recycling. Over 90% of this product is completely recyclable. All Control Induction products can be upgraded as new technologies become available.



In use the Slider® works as a chef would expect a gas solid top to work, one end of the cooking area gives a high heat while the other end gives a lower heat.

The Slider® induction hob can heat pans anywhere on it's 360mm x 760mm vitro ceramic surface, but the clever part is that one end of the hob cooks with high heat input and the other end with low heat input, just like a gas or electric solid top.

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