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At present most Commerical Kitchens/Restaurants and Hotels are running on natural gas in Australia.

Evidence shows cooking with gas can affect a commercial kitchen in the following ways;

  • Hot due to inefficiency

  • Hard to clean

  • Dangerous - When cooking on gas the burnt gas fumes will linger in the kitchen being inhaled by staff and potently guests

  • Risk of gas leaks

  • Rising prices of gas in Australia

  • The process to harvest natural gas



A kitchen’s carbon problem is not just from the CO2 emitted during combustion. Kitchen appliances are often powered by natural gas (methane), whose global warming potential is 28 times higher than that of CO2. As a result, the environmental impact from using natural gas expands beyond the kitchen doors. The world's emissions from leaks, abandoned wells, and other life-cycle impacts account for millions of additional tons of methane entering the atmosphere annually.


While the cost of fossil fuels keeps growing, alternative energy technologies, like solar power, are becoming more affordable. "Solar kitchens" around the world already run entirely off solar power, including one in India that can produce up to 38,500 meals a day using solar energy alone. Every year, the cost of solar panels goes down, making them a potentially smart investment for food service establishments. Induction is the best option for a 100% carbon-neutral kitchen.


To make Control Induction stoves as efficient as possible we focus on cooking methods that prioritise consistency in an effective manner. Whilst induction is always efficient in that it uses tiny amounts of power until a pan is present, and the pan draws power only when placed on the cooking zone, there is still scope for us to improve on this energy saving system. Use of our range of electronics allows us to build a stove with the correct life and functionality to perfectly suit the application. Our Planchas whilst focusing on consistent frying also reduce waste and energy usage by avoiding the need for frying pans and their repeated washing saving water, chemical and energy costs. Our Salamanders heat up in seconds and switch on automatically, removing the need for them to run all day, so they are primed and ‘ready’ to use. Above all this, it is possible to run our stoves on renewable energy giving the option of 100% carbon neutral operation.

ACT to ditch natural gas by 2045, bans new gas connections from 2023

Posted by Kelseigh Wrigley 11/08/2022

Natural gas for cooking, heating and hot water will soon be a thing of the past for homes and businesses in the Australian Capital Territory after the territory government announced plans to ditch the fossil fuel. 

The ACT Government has committed to phasing out natural gas use for residents and business owners over the next two decades, in an effort to reach its target of net zero emissions by 2045.

The transition will kick off with bans on new gas connections for certain property types from 2023, according to the Powering Canberra: Our Pathway to Electrification roadmap that was released on August 4. 


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A Control Induction cooking suite can be run 100% off the grid. With the cost of solar and battery storage coming down, talk to us now to find out your options. 

Save money and our planet when choosing Control Induction. 

If you're interested in a custom quote for a future project 

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