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Our French Plancha is a master of consistency. Our Plancha cooks quickly but gently because it has 25 times the heat capacity of a frying pan and a system that brings heat to the contact point with the food 5 times quicker than a pan.

Because you set the Plancha so it doesn't reach carbonizing temperature, food cannot be burnt. This all makes Plancha cooking quick but calm in a way it will never be when pan frying. With a power of only 3.5 or 4kW the Plancha is also incredibly efficient.


A great chef can have an easier life, with less things to go wrong, if their equipment gives amazingly consistent results.

  • Extremely versatile, our French Plancha is available in steel, chrome, and ribbed finish.

  • Designed to be cooked directly on the surface, or used with pots/pans when necessary.

  • Heat is concentrated in the middle, to provide different temperature zones within each plancha.

  • Water trough with collection drawer built around the plancha for easy cleaning. With a catchment container under counter.

  • Can be single or double.

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Chrome plancha.jpg
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